Robert Fripp Seven Guitar Craft Themes

The official edition featuring seven compositions written for guitar ensemble using the Guitar Craft Tuning. The scores include guitar tabs and an innovative presentation of THRAK.


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The League of Crafty Guitarists performs the Seven Guitar Craft Themes by Robert Fripp

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"Since 1985, Guitar Craft courses have been held in fourteen countries; and attended by some 3,000 students of many nationalities, ages and a diversity of cultural backgrounds. The Guitar Craft Tuning generated a need for a new guitar repertoire, the pieces all appeared in the first few months of activity. Properly, they are only one part of a larger body of practice that is introduced in person. Nevertheless, they are presented here in the hope that they resonate within the wider community." —Robert Fripp


Scores included:

Invocation, Aspiration, Eye of the Needle, Calliope, The Moving Force, THRAK, Third Relation.

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Limited, numbered edition
Editor: Horacio Pozzo
Release date: December 20, 2011
Format: 23 cm x 30,5 cm, soft cover.
Printed in Coral Book Ivory paper, 40 pages.