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Europa String Choir


Mama Tequila

While Alessandro, Cathy & Udo were touring Italy in 1993, this little tune took shape between concerts and workshops. It was completed during the soundcheck at a tiny bar in Rome, called Mama Tequila, and was performed there for the first time that evening.


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Mary Beth Abel



"A series of 'found' note constellations, sparkling here and there." Arrangement by Sgt. Bones (MBA, Carl Germain and Greg Meredith on acoustic guitars+Darlene Franz on oboe). Blouse by Barbara Zimmermann. Photo by Ingrid Pape-Sheldon.


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Horacio Pozzo


Cambio de Planes

For solo fingerstyle, quickly written on a rainy morning, with further additional guitar by Martín de Aguirre. Home recording from 2009. Photo: Martín Paluri.